Gardening In New York – How To Grow Greens Indoors Year Round

Gardening In New York - How To Grow Greens Indoors Year RoundIndoor gardening in New York is the method of gardening that has taken popularity in recent years because of its ability to produce a bountiful harvest. Indoor gardening also allows you to start out with any number of plants, harvest flowers, vegetables or fruits in the dead of winter, or create the ideal environment for certain specialty crops. Many experienced guides available will help you select growing media, hydroponics systems, indoor gardening lights and much more. This type of gardening is becoming more popular for several reasons; one being that it is extremely low maintenance.Gardening In New York

The most important thing to remember when starting out with indoor gardening is that it takes patience. Many people do not realize that it takes time and effort to develop a plant so that it will thrive. One mistake many newbies make is overfilling their pots with too much plant material. You can avoid this mistake by choosing a pot that has about twice as much foliage as it has soil in it. When selecting the type of lights to use, the best choice would be under fluorescent, bright light because it does not produce heat which will destroy your plants if it is too bright.How To Grow Greens Indoors Year Round

Another thing you need to keep in mind when indoor gardening in New York is that you should avoid planting seed pods near your plants unless you want to put up very expensive indoor gardening lights. Seed pods will produce a large amount of leaves on top of your plants so it is best to place them on the bottom of the pot or tray. Another suggestion is to place the seed pods far from your plants so that they do not touch the plants and spoil them. Many people make the mistake of putting the seed pods too high up and then the plants grow around the seed pods making them destroyed. As always you need to read up on the specific species of plants you are planning to grow to ensure that they will not do this.

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