Gardening New York City – Learn To Garden In NYC

Gardening New York City - Learn To Garden In NYCNew York City gardens are not to be just a bunch of pots and containers. Gardening in New York City has gotten so out of control that it is actually illegal to give your plants anything other than the city’s strict “garden ordinance.” So in order to truly have a great New York City garden, you have to think outside the box. Luckily, the city has begun to loosen its grip on things like pollution and even allows certain outdoor structures such as birdhouses and benches to be used for gardening. As long as the flowers are given proper care, you can have any type of garden you want in the Big Apple.Gardening New York City

To start a garden in New York City you will first need a few things. You will need some soil, plants, some flowers and sometimes even a bench. You can get away with purchasing all of these things at your local nursery, but I suggest that you start out with a few different ones so that you have something to plant and try before you buy. For example, if you go to a nursery to purchase a tomato plant they will most likely try to sell you one with a purple lawn if that is what you are looking for. You may want to get a different color or even one that is slightly green.Learn To Garden In NYC

The first thing that you need to do is plan your garden layout on paper before you plant anything. This will ensure that you know which plants will be able to grow where. You can then buy seeds to plant in certain areas and then use those plants to create the garden that you desire. Take into consideration that a lot of gardening in New York City is located in high traffic areas that tend to be dirty. If you live in such an area, consider using plants that have a hardier growth habit or else take extra precautions when handling those chemicals.

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